The Nest
General Information
Official name: The Nest
Alias(es): The Nest
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 344
Created by: Scott Lobdell
Melvin Rubi
Location Information
Universe: Earth-616
Galaxy: TBA
Star System: TBA
Planet: Chandilar
Country: TBA
State: TBA
Locale: TBA



The Nest was a sacred location within the Shi'ar Imperium and was situated on their homeworld of Chandilar. The term for the chamber had no direct translation from the Shi'ar language to English though the closest word was "The Nest". It served as a birthing place and collective womb where all the offspring of the Shi'ar were incubated, nurtured and protected. As such, many eggs were present within these chambers which included the royals-yet-born. Thus, it was considered the most sacred locale in the entire empire as, since its blessed incarnation, it had served as the dawn of life and the very power of creation to the entire Shi'ar people. This meant that it served as the very heart of Shi'ar society with Deathbird commenting that within its chambers there was no distinction between the ruling class and lower castes. The hallowed walls of these chambers had never known anything but peace in much of its existence.

Casualties of WarEdit

In 1997, the Phalanx Dominion had overrun much of the Shi'ar Imperium and even had conquered Chandilar itself where they interrogated Lilandra Neramani in order to find the location of the Nest. This was because they intended to assimilate the children of the Shi'ar and thus obliterate an entire generation of the species. Lilandra had surrendered herself in exchange for the royals-yet-born. After learning of this, a horrified Deathbird was assisted by the X-Men in preventing this act from being accomplished with her along with Bishop being allowed into the womb of the Nest. After being admitted entrance, Bishop commented that the Nest was a place of beauty. Deathbird responded by stating that, in its own way, the site was everything that was opposed by the Phalanx as it was the natural order of things. She stated that in a universe where the Phalanx sought domination, the Nest was a place were all things were equal. At that point, Phalanx flooded into the location with Deathbird commenting that the intruders had no conscience for attacking Shi'ar young. She along with Bishop battled the invaders until Beast succeeded in unleashing a program that separated the technological from the organic in the Phalanx's bodies thus defeating them which saved the entire Shi'ar Imperium from destruction.


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