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Shi'ar Exoskeleton
General Information
Official name: Shi'ar Exoskeleton
Type: Equipment
Used by: Shi'ar
First appearance: X-Men Vol 2 25
Created by: Fabian Nicieza
Andy Kubert



The Shi'ar Exoskeleton was an advanced suit designed by the alien race known as the Shi'ar. It provided the users the capacity to walk and allowed those unable to use their legs to move about their environment. This equipment functioned by using psionic energy to operate it though it did require tremendous exertion for its user. For telepaths, a great deal of mental energy was used by telepaths in the operation of these exoskeletons. Despite this being the case, it did allow those unable to use their legs the capacity to walk alongside their colleagues. Through his romance with Lilandra Neramani, Charles Xavier was provided with one of these exoskeletons for his use though he instead relied on his hoverchair for movement.

Fatal Attractions[]

In 1993, Magneto began his mass plan in ensuring the rise of Homo Superior and the downfall of Homo Sapiens. This led to him leading his Acolytes in an active campaign against the Earth from his orbital stronghold known as Avalon. The defeat of the Magneto Protocols and the death of hundreds in the resultant EM pulse around the world led to Professor X assembling his X-Men in defeating Magnus. Deciding to personally accompany the X-Men, Charles showcased his Shi'ar Exoskeleton that allowed him to walk though with considerably strain though required Jean Grey to accompany him to augment his powers as his mental energies were being exerted in operating the exoskeleton. He accompanied them to Avalon where they successfully managed to teleport the Acolytes away from the station and confront Magneto. During the fight, Magnus stripped the Adamantium from Wolverine's body which forced Xavier to use his telepathic powers to mentally shut down Magneto's mind.


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