Nimrod Battalion
Team Information
Founder(s): Bastion
Leader(s): Bastion
Status: Defunct
Base(s) of Operations: None
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 346
Created by: Scott Lobdell
Joe Madureira
Rodney Ramos



The Nimrod Battalion was a unit within the secret government division known as Operation: Zero Tolerance that was masterminded by the villain known as Bastion. In secret, he managed to convince numerous governments around the world and various officials of the threat posed by Mutants. Despite his mysterious past, many people who feared Mutants were willing to agree with his plans to contain this problem and thus Operation: Zero Tolerance was created that covertly dealt with anyone attempting to discern the true nature of the program. During this time, they also created a new breed of Sentinels that were ordinary Humans that were transformed into superpowered cyborgs that were capable of battling the superhuman abilities of Mutants. These individuals became known as Prime Sentinels and amongst their number included Secret Service Agents Boyo and Mathers who were attached to the Nimrod Battalion.

The Story of the Year!Edit

As part of their assignment, the two Sentinel agents were dispatched undercover and remained in their guise as Secret Service operatives. During their watch, the anti-Mutant activist known as Graydon Creed was killed and they were later assigned with the covert safeguarding of Henry Peter Gyrich who was the special Federal Agents attached to Superhuman Activities. During the journey by war, the vehicle came under attack from the Morlocks which included Callisto and Marrow that drew the intervention of the costumed superhero known as Spider-man. This triggered the agents ambush protocols and they quickly revealed their true form as Prime Sentinels where they immediately engaged Spider-man as well as the two Morlocks at which point they designated themselves as members of the Nimrod Battalion. In the resultant skirmish, Callisto was wounded whereupon the two Prime Sentinels concluded that their mission had gone dangerously off mission parameters at which point they decided to conduct a scorched earth program as their identities had been compromised. As such, they intended not only to eliminate the Mutants and Spider-man but also any Humans that had seen them which included Gyrich himself.

The attempt to kill Gyrich failed when Spider-man took him to safety at which point the two Nimrod Battalion soldiers were ready to terminate their foes. However, whilst being distracted, they were gunned down by Gyrich along with his two guards. However, Gyrich concluded that the two Prime Sentinels were likely only stunned but that whilst they recovered, he would bring in his troops to secure them as the Sentinels were a greater threat to public security when compared to Mutants.



  • None


  • Agent Boyo
  • Agent Mathers




  • Its not known how many members were present within the team.


  • The Battalion is seemingly named after the advanced Nimrod class Sentinel.


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