M'Kraan Crystal
General Information
Official name: M'Kraan Crystal
Used by:
First appearance: X-Men #107
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The M'Kraan crystal is the nexus of all realities. Shi'ar legends claim that the homeworld of the M'Kraan Crystal was the first to form in the Universe, and was as old as time. Whatever race lived there was long gone, and the only structure that withstood the ravages of time was the M'Kraan Crystal. It is said that its creators named it "the end of all that is". Since its discovery, the planet remained under the protection of the Shi'ar Empire

The crystal also houses the White Hot Room, home of the legendary Phoenix Force. 

Emperor D'Ken of the Shi'ar Empire attempted to use the legendary power of the M'Kraan crystal for his own gain. His sister Lilandra rightly believed that such an attempt would lead to the destruction of the universe, and enlisted the aid of the X-Men in order to stop her brother. With the help of the Starjammers, D'Ken was defeated, and the Crystal was repaired by the power of the Phoenix Force, thus saving the Universe.