Lobo Technologies
Team Information
Founder(s): Maximus Lobo
Leader(s): Maximus Lobo
Status: Defunct
Base(s) of Operations: New York
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 417
Created by: Chuck Austen
Kia Asamiya



Lobo Technologies, also known as Lobo-Tech, was a company founded by Maximus Lobo and served as a subsidiary of the much larger Worthington Enterprises that was run by Warren Worthington, Junior. At some point, Lobo was known to had killed Warren Worthington Junior in an unknown manner and for unknown reasons which led to his company falling to his son Warren Worthington III. In that time, it eventually owned at least 10% of Worthington Enterprises holdings. Furthermore, it secretly served as a base of operations and cover for a branch of lycanthrophic Mutants known as the Dominant Species. They also managed to acquire Tony Stark's technology with the intention of selling it under the label of Lobo Technologies in order to gain some profit from such an act. Furthermore, they intended to re-purpose it for weapons which would have gone against the Stark contract but they intended for any blame to fall on the parent company which was Worthington Enterprises.

The Dominant SpeciesEdit

The activities of Lobo Technologies and the Dominant Species would have largely gone unnoticed by the world had not one of its members not killed a four Humans. This attracted the attentions of the X-Men along with Angel who discovered the truth that Lobo Tech was home to violent group of lycanthropic members of Homo Superior. Wolverine discovered their base at New York by following their scent which led to a confrontation with the Dominant Species. However, Logan was badly wounded forcing Northstar to take him back to base to recupate whilst Angel and Husk battled the Dominant Species employees of Lobo Technologies. After Worthington escaped with Paige, the Dominant Species herded them back to Lobo Tech where they battled with reinforcements from the X-Men. Being overwhelmed, Lobo decided to ignite a flammeable container thus destroying that branch of their headquarters.







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