Journal of Nathan Essex
General Information
Official name: Journal of Nathan Essex
Type: Document
Used by: Mister Sinister
Professor Thornton
John Sublime
First appearance: Weapon X Vol 2 23
Created by: Frank Tieri
Tom Mandrake



The Journal of Nathan Essex was the personal book of Nathaniel Essex; the mutated human also known as Mister Sinister. Within its pages contained the collective amount of data that Essex had ever written over the various experiments that he had conducted throughout the centuries after his transformation at the hands of Apocalypse. Following that moment, Mister Sinister was consumed with the single minded goal of creating a superior species by way of genetic manipulation. Thus, he often conducted his secret experiments at numerous points through various test subjects in order to bring about the creation of such a new master race. His findings along with various test subjects were recorded within the journal which included Charles Xavier, Erik Lensher, James Howlett and Namor the Submariner.

In the BeginningEdit


The Professor acquires the Journal.

In the course of World War II, Essex masqueraded as a German officer where he used the actions of the Nazi's to gather test subjects for further experimentation. However, the Nazi's lost the war and Essex decided to abandon his disguise as Germany had served its purpose for him. But, in the closing days of the war, his journal was left behind at one of the German base camps that was liberated by the Invaders. The American soldiers that ransacked the base included a young Professor Thornton who discovered the Journal and from it took a great deal of interest in the usage of genetic experimentation. His work became involved in the Weapon Plus Program that had sought to create supersoldiers with Thornton using Essex's research to begin co-opting Mutants for such a role. This, as such, led to the development of the Weapon X Program which began with genetic manipulation and experimentation on Mutants to create supersoldiers. The Program even began to refer to Homo Superior by the term Mutant.

Thorton took the Journal with him and developed files in the various Mutants that he encountered. The book was present when he and his colleagues witnessed James Howlett in a bar fight whilst their project facility was being built. After the death of Thornton, the Journal passed into the hands of John Sublime.


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