The Great Corruption was an event that came to the planet in a dark future whereby the veil that separated the world from the underworld was sundered. This damage that occurred thousands of years in the future led to the Revenants that were the dark psychic twins of every living being were freed from their twins. These creatures then preyed upon mankind leading to the formation of The Order to combat them.

The Owl QueenEdit

A time displaced Bishop who was sent into the future joined the ranks of The Order to battle the Revenants. However, the Demon Bear managed to defeat him at the direction of the Owl Queen. They later took refuge in his mind and were brought back to modern day Earth where Bishop came across the Uncanny X-Force team. The Revenant Queen later departed her host in order to take Ginny as her new body in order to bring about the Great Corruption a thousand years early. She would begin this by sacrificing a Mutant telepath that began to tear the veil asunder.


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