Extermination Drones
General Information
Official name: Extermination Drones
Type: Device
Used by: Celestials
First appearance: A + X Vol 1 1
Created by: TBA



An Extermination Drone were large island shaped constructs that were created by the ancient advanced race of cosmic beings known as the Celestials. These machines were stationed as one of their tools used to expunge failed genetic experiments by triggering extinction level events on a planet. The heart of these constructs was a probability-field manipulation engine core. This allowed it to alter probabilities to achieve desired results. A macro-version of this ability was used to achieve the drones primary purpose where its probability manipulation fields operated in order to trigger natural disasters. Through probabilistic intervention, the Extermination Drone coaxed dangers such as super volcanoes into erupting so that they could wipe out all life on a planetary biosphere. This same ability was used as a defensive tool by the construct as it used a shifting web of entropy magnifying probability fields to either cause structural failures in inorganic matter or create catastrophic medical issues within living organisms thus killing the intruder. At least one such machine was left on Earth where it remained undisturbed for countless years.

A + XEdit


The engine core.

Following the apparent destruction of the Phoenix Force, the Scarlet Witch and Domino teamed up together to stop a rogue Extermination Drone that had somehow been activated where it attempted to trigger a super volcano at Yellowstone. The pair were selected due to their ability to alter probability which served as the only means of combating the constructs powers. However, due to the power of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch was unable to approach the drone directly as her abilities would interact with the Extermination Drone to create that could create a feedback loop which in turn could unravel the fabric of existence. Thus, Domino was meant to enter the machine where her weaker probability powers would be used to enter the drone and shut it down. However, her powers showed her that any option she took upon entry would lead to her death and ultimately the failure in the mission as she was unable to reach the engine core. Thus, she used as a taser on the Scarlet Witch causing Maximoff to fall onto the device where her powers interacted with the Celestial machine causing a feedback loop which destroyed the Extermination Drone. Fortunately, the act only removed the drone from existence and left both the Scarlet Witch and Domino alive.


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