DNA Database
General Information
Official name: DNA Database
Type: Device
Used by: Mister Sinister
First appearance: X-Men Vol 2 34
Created by: Fabian Nicieza
Andy Kubert



The DNA Database was a device constructed by Mister Sinister to serve as a storage facility for genetic material. It was created from many countless years of genetic research that was conducted by Nathaniel Essex in his quest creating a more perfect Mutant. Genetic samples were taken and collected as part of a library from various subjects with names being allocated to identify the material. In addition to serving as genetic material, it also served a more vital role as being used as the basis for cloning material. This was because the database was connected to cloning chambers and allowed Essex to grow clones of his Marauders whenever they were killed. The cloning baths were designed to grow two different Marauders matrix partners as part of a pair. They were typically located within a Tesseract and control was given to an organic central processor that sometimes took the form of a living sentient being.

Life and ConsequencesEdit

By 1994, Mister Sinister used Thernody as a living processor for his base of operations located within a Tesseract in underground chamber at an orphanage in Sage, Nebraska. The X-Men were seeking Essex based from information provided by Sabertooth and uncovered the Marauder Riptide. However, they learnt that their foe was in fact a clone of the deceased Marauder who was incomplete. After going further in the facility, they encountered Thernody who showed them the heart of Sinister where Beast quickly deduced it to be a DNA database for genetic material that was also used as cloning material. Psylocke commented that their theories on cloning being used to create replacement Marauders was correct. They quickly learnt that they had triggered an alarm which created clones to defend the facility with Riptide's matrix partner being Sabertooth who attacked them but the degenerated clone was quickly defeated.

In the aftermath, they decided to determine their next course of action as they had failed to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. However, Beast debated whether they should destroy the genetic library or use it as a force for good. Despite debating, Thernody decided to initiate the self-destruct that caused the destruction of the facility and the loss of years of genetic research which was expected to be a loss for Mister Sinister.


  • The name used for the article is conjectural as the database was not named in the issue with it being referred to by Beast as a "storage facility" and as a "library for the keeping of DNA samples".


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