Children of the Sun
Team Information
Founder(s): TBA
Leader(s): Priest
Status: TBA
Base(s) of Operations: Egypt
First appearance: Uncanny X-Men (Vol 1) 376
Created by: Alan Davis
Terry Kavanagh
Roger Cruz




The cult in Egypt.

The Children of the Sun were a cult formed during ancient times in Egypt. Some claimed that the group predated known history and that its numbers became legion by modern times. Their forefathers first formed the sect that actually revered the immortal Mutant known as En Sabah Nur. Apocalypse prepared the day for of his ascension which could be achieved through The Twelve. Thus, these cultists were dedicated from their inception in the preparation of a Living Monolith that would be necessary for their true master's goal. By modern times, many dismissed the cult as being little more than legends and lies with none believing the truth about the Children of the Sun.

The TwelveEdit

In the modern day, the time of En Sabah Nur's ascension came to pass and he required the Twelve for powering the Celestial Circuit. During this time, the cult had been waiting for the return of their champion who embodied their faith against the ignorance and opposition of the world's barbarians. At this time, the Living Monolith had been defeated and sent into space but he was brought back to Earth by Apocalypse's allies in the alien Skrull empire. With the Skrulls help, the Children of the Sun became armed with advanced weaponry and aided their true master Apocalypse during the attack on the X-Men in order to acquire the chosen twelve.


The Priest of the sect.




  • The Children of the Sun only appear during "The Twelve" story arc cross over.


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