Cerebro Spike
General Information
Official name: Cerebro Spike
Type: Device
Used by: X-Men
First appearance: X-Men (Vol 4) 5
Created by: Brian Wood



A Cerebro Spike was an advanced piece of computer based technology that were based on Cerebro. These resembled small capsule-like machines that were ingested within the body. Once inside, it acted as a micro-version of Cerebro where it generated a holographic interface in front of the users body. This allowed it to generate a virtual representation of the globe where it registered Mutant signatures around the planet. The user had full control of the interface where they were able to mark waypoints and help refine a search for a any Mutants. As such, the user was able to get the Spike to work with them in order to find their targets. Only strong telepaths were capable of making use of psychic shielding to protect them from the Cerebro Spikes scans. This allowed them to control the signals they generated towards the Spike that only registered intermittent shadows. Similarly, a telepath was able to psionically augment the Spike and enhance its functions.

Battle of The AtomEdit


The Spike.

This device was actually created in the near future in an alternate timeline where the original five X-Men remained within the present instead of returning to the past. As a result, a catastrophic future timeline was created with X-Men from this timeline going back in time to ensure that Jean Grey and her four colleagues returned to the past. However, this encounter disturbed the young Jean Grey and she ran away alongside the young Scott Summers. This led to the future X-Men teaming up with their modern incarnation where they began a search for the pair. The grandson of Charles Xavier accompanied the future X-Men in the travel back in time where he brought with him a Cerebro Spike. It was eventually revealed that these future X-Men were actually an incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from their timeline leading to a conflict with the modern day X-Men. During the struggle, Psylocke managed to fight the evil son of Xavier and stole some of the Cerebro Spikes. When the X-Men were hunting for Arkea, Psylocke used the spike to create a Cerebro map in order to determine the Arkea activation points around the world.


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