General Information
Official name: Weapon XVI
Type: Bioweapon
Used by: Weapon Plus
First appearance: Dark Reign: The List - Wolverine Vol 1 1
Created by: Jason Aaron
Esad Ribic



Weapon XVI, codenamed Allgod, was a product of the Weapon Plus Super Sentinel Initiative that was designed to create new breeds of living superweapons for use against the threat posed by Mutants. It was developed within the self-contained laboratory facility known only as The World that made use of time manipulation and nanotechnology to create artificial evolutions within Human specimens. Unlike its predecessor programs, Weapon XVI was not a superhuman but rather a air released viral gas and was designated as a living religion. It functioned by attacking the faith reserves of its victims who became mindcontrolled into faithful followers of Allgod and did its bidding. To function, its opponents needed to believe in some form of deity and those that did not were essentially immune to the effects of Allgod. It was developed at some point after Ultimaton and was stored within a gas cylinder where it was connected with The World's Brain that was able to use it in case it was ever threatened or faced danger from attack by outsiders.

Know AllgodEdit


Wolverine and others infected by the Allgod weapon.

Following the assault on The World by Wolverine, Fantomex and Cyclops, the facility was effectively abandoned where it was left to its own devices. During the rise H.A.M.M.E.R, the existence of The World came to the attention of Norman Osborn who desired the superweapons that were developed within the self-contained facility. This led to Noh-Varr turning against the Dark Avengers and informing Wolverine of Osborn's goal who conscripted the Kree warrior to protect The World. Their entry combined with that of H.A.M.M.E.R. undead cyborgs led to the Brain activating Weapon XVI. The gas instantly turned the inhabitants of The World to its army which included Wolverine who attacked Noh-Varr. This left only Osborn's cyborgs along with Noh-Varr and Fantomex free of Allgod's influence due to their disbelief in deities of any kind. As Weapon XVI was expanding exponentially, Fantomex feared that if released outside The World - it would infect the entire Earth turning them into its minions. This caused Fantomex and Noh-Varr to conduct a dedicated assault on The World Brain which ultimately deactivated the Allgod weapon when the Kree warrior showed it compassion by kissing it.

Afterwards, The World was shrunk by a miniaturizing ray used by Fantomex which he claims he stole from Doctor Doom thus preventing Osborn from getting his hands on the facility.


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